Luka Miroić

Luka Miroić works as a Software Developer at IBM iX, in Varaždin, Croatia. He has 2.5 years of experience working with Content Management Systems, focused on Adobe Experience Manager backend customizations.

From his college days and throughout his professional career in IBM iX Luka focused on extending his knowledge in Java and AEM while also exploring technologies such as GraphQL, Magento, gen AI tools, and Edge Delivery. In the last year, he was working on a couple of POC that helped bring new technology into the company. This includes Adobe Commerce integration with AEM using Commerce Integration Framework, Commerce Edge Delivery Blocks, and text/image generation using WatsonX and Firefly.

Luka has presented the topics mentioned above on internal events and many client meetings. Since his student days, Luka led project development teams with an agile approach.

Luka has a knowledge-driven mentality, likes technical challenges, and likes staying active with sports and exploring new hobbies in his free time.