Lars Ellmer

Lars is the AEM Architect of E.ON Digital Solutions. Previously he worked as AEM-Trainer / Consultant for 3 Years. Within EON he has been using React and Angular in various AEM projects and as a team EON Digital Technology has put a lot of effort into the integration of AEM with those frameworks over the last 4 years.

Besides this Lars has been working as Developer, Team Lead, Product Manager, Product Owner, Solution Architect, Consultant and Architect since the age of 16 running his own company for 3 years with customers worldwide. Having seen and used many different technologies from SAP ABAP Forms up to ES6, Node.js, React & Angular he has gained a broad understanding how well designed software systems should be planned and realized.

Lars is living in Berlin with his girl-friend, his two sons and his daughter who makes him smile even on the worst of days!