Clint Goudie-Nice

I am fascinated by technology. I wrote my first software program at the age of 6 and since then I’ve been hooked on creating the next cool technology. I’ve been the driving force in technology initiatives from compound interest software on my original 8bit Atari to massively scalable distributed systems.

I am a software architect, innovator, engineer, and businessperson. My motto is the right amount of effort for the task at hand. When creating technology I endeavor to take into account sound business practices, market forces, legal responsibilities, ethical concerns, personal reasons, societal factors, and an entrepreneurial spirit to produce a big picture of the what and why of a problem-space. When viewing technology through this lens, I find the correct solution presents itself in unique and different ways.

At Adobe, I am a Principal Scientist within AEM Assets. Most recently I have been working on the next generation of APIs for AEM Assets.