Where to render? That is the question!

Discussions on where to render Web content have been interesting lately, with the industry going back and forth between server-side and client-side rendering, Edge rendering providing even more options and the role of Web Components being unclear. The Paradox Of Choice is in full force.

Server-side was going out of fashion, but it's back and stronger than ever. Front-end JavaScript frameworks are moving closer to the Web Platform and considering server-side rendering much more seriously. Rendering at the Edge can help if you're after personalization and performance - and you should. And where do Web Components fit in all this? That's a lot of choices to make.

As our real-world examples will demonstrate, most applications need a mix of some or all of these options, driven by their specific requirements. And, as always, it makes sense to start with the simplest option and expand only carefully as your project progresses. We'll give pointers and decision points to help create the right mix for your own use cases.

This talk will help developers and project leaders in optimizing their website rendering chains and development workflows, based on examples from real, high-traffic websites as well as 25 years of experience in this space.


Is it not a lot of work to mixup rendering strategies for parts of the application?

(see answer in talk video)

Henry Kuijpers

Would you also say that every web page has to be usable without JavaScript? And if so, how would you tackle this with all the complex things we do nowadays (there are many websites that completely don't work with JavaScript disabled, for example because they rely so much on JS frameworks etc)

(see answer in talk video)


Who should take the lead? Should the process or best practices be defined by BE or FE developers?

(see answer in talk video)
When would you use Something Like vue.js? When is it required?
(see answer in talk video)


Thanks for pointing to one more place (edge) where we can use JavaScript :)

Bertrand Delacretaz