Rapid Development Environments for AEM Cloud Service

AEM as a Cloud Service provides great operational benefits, additional services and addons. However in the past for developers it could mean that they had to wait for a pipeline to finish before they could test their code in this environment.

The recently introduced Rapid Development Environments (RDE) for AEM as a Cloud Service improve the developer experience by allowing to deploy changes rapidly to a cloud environment. This drastically reduces the turn-around times during development and provides near instant feedback for code changes.

This way RDEs support iterative development scenarios for AEM as a Cloud Service. Developers can deploy swiftly to AEM instances in the cloud, for example to update Java code, configurations, scripts, content and dispatcher configurations. The changes are directly applied to those running instances.

In this session, we will introduce RDE in detail and show real examples and demos on how developers can take advantage of RDEs to:

Additionally, we will present ways to integrate RDEs into day-to-day developer workflows and scenarios.