Optimising GraphQL delivery in AEM

After its introduction to AEM a few years ago, the GraphQL engine received a wide adoption and now plays a vital role for headless content delivery. Recent improvements to the engine have brought in support for filtering, sorting and paging both in the backend engine and also for the AEM headless client library.

While simple queries on small content sets like the wknd examples are easy to implement, working on large magnitude content requires well-crafted queries that use the new features with some understanding of the underlying query engine to ensure queries run smoothly even under heavy load.

This presentation provides more insight into AEM's GraphQL query engine, provides a thorough comparison of different query types and talks about hybrid filtering techniques you could employ in your apps. In addition, we will touch on other aspects of GraphQL delivery optimisations, like persisted queries and how to configure the AEM dispatcher for efficient GraphQL delivery.

After this session attendees will be able to use the AEM headless client to produce performant queries, avoid common pitfalls and learn new optimisation tricks to guarantee the best content delivery performance.