Bullseye - Adobe Target Extras

Adobe Target is a great tool for adding personalization to your site and enhancing the customer experience. Offers can be applied to various audience segments with ease and targeting integration is even built into Adobe Experience Manager. Bullseye ATX is a third party set of complimentary tools that enhances the abilities of this product even further. In this session we will explore a couple of these tools and see how they can be useful companions.

Believe it or not, I have found one of the biggest challenges in implementing Target, or any client-side personalization tool, is page load flicker. We will cover what flicker is, some of the best practices to handle flicker, tips for minimizing the performance hits, and how Bullseye ATX can give you the most options for handling this challenge.

Recommendations is a great feature of Adobe Target for adding personalized offers for visitors based on what else they have viewed or purchased. Of course, you can't offer recommendations without products. There are a few options for getting products loaded into Recommendations, but we are going to look at a less explored route utilizing content fragments and what Bullseye ATX gives you to make this possible.

The best part is these tools work directly in the Adobe Experience Manager Touch UI interface.

Isn‘t the „flicker prevention“ completely destroying the LCP, because it waits for the „slow“ Adobe Target?
(see answer in talk video)