Build Super Fast Storefront Experiences with Edge Delivery Services and Adobe Commerce

Get ready to supercharge your e-commerce integrations with Edge Delivery Services in Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service. In this session, we’ll explore how Edge Delivery can be used beyond content-only use cases to create incredible fast shopping experiences. Based on real-life customer projects, we'll dive deep into integration patterns and architectures to achieve Lighthouse scores of 100. I will showcase the powerful multi-tenant GraphQL services of Adobe Commerce and how you can leverage their APIs to build out catalog browsing and search.

You will learn about dynamic pages, fast LCP delivery techniques, progressive data fetching, and optimal CDN configurations. While Edge Delivery Services are advocating for the simplicity of vanilla JavaScript, I’ll highlight use cases where the usage of frameworks can bring value and give you examples of how they can be integrated seamlessly.

After the talk, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to build fast and impactful Commerce experiences using Edge Delivery.