About adaptTo()

In 2011 pro!vision GmbH, an expert for web content management with AEM, started adaptTo() as a Berlin-based „Apache Sling & Friends Tech Meetup”. Since then, many helping hands, dedicated sponsors, top-notch speakers and an enthusiast developer community have contributed to the conference becoming what it is today: Europe’s leading AEM Developer Conference.

pro!vision became part of diva-e in 2020, one of Germany’s leading digital service providers. With more than 20 years of experience in digital business and more than 100 Adobe experts, diva-e fully covers the digital value chain from strategy to technology to creation.

diva-e has now become the official organizer and host of the adaptTo().


The idea behind adaptTo()

adaptTo() is a conference from developers for developers. If you’re looking for promising roll-ups, brimming swag bags and glittering product presentations, this event isn’t for you. We’re talking about a highly specialized developer conference with a clear focus on technology which is on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC),  and underlying open source software such as Apache Sling, Apache Felix, Apache Jackrabbit Oak  or wcm.io.

adaptTo() is a conference of experts with a clear objective: Bringing together the best AEM developers and OSS enthusiasts from all over the world – and inviting the best in their field to share the knowledge with the participants. Those who speak at adaptTo() do not talk about themselves, but much rather about their work which makes sure all attendees get unadultered and far-reaching insights into the thinking and doing of real experts and experience practicioners.

adaptTo() is a conference with community flair. It has its origins in a developer community that loves and lives the exchange of knowledge and experience. This means we make sure the conference offers all participants enough space and time for discussions and networking.


Why you should attend

  • Get insights
    No matter how experienced you are in your field, there is always room to grow. At adaptTo() you gain valuable insights by enthusiast speakers, passionate practitioners or by the audience’s questions and perspectives.
  • Get connected
    adaptTo() is the perfect opportunity to get yourself connected to experienced developers from all over Europe, that share your interest in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Open Source Software (OSS).  In addition to the lectures, there will be lots of space and opportunities to network or to deepen existing contacts.
  • Get away
    We all love the work we do (at least most of us do), but from time to time we all need a break from our daily grind and routines. So why not take the chance to get away for some days and visit Europe's leading AEM developer conference in  one of Europe's most exciting cities. And tell your boss to not worry. It's not all about fun. Your trip will be productive.
  • Get a t-shirt
    Yes, besides all the valuable insights you also get an attendee shirt.


Any questions? Our conference team is happy to help: info@adapt.to