The evolving extensibility model of AEM through the lens of Assets Essentials

Wednesday, 29. September 2021 15:00 - 15:40 (30 min + 10 min FAQ)


The success story of AEM as a DAM and for WCM is driven by its extensibility model for the enterprise. This extensibility model is evolving, bringing changes and retrofits for AEM as a Cloud Service and introducing new cloud-first concepts. These changes introduce new paradigms, new opportunities for innovation, and new limitations.

Three market forces are bringing the need for this next evolution of innovation. Requests for more out of the box AEM capabilities without requiring extensibility. The complexity of running in process extensibility in a cloud first model. The technical skills of the next generation of innovators moving from in process extensibility to external http based communication between microservices.

In AEM, we are directly addressing these forces by building new cloud first capabilities, offering restful http endpoints designed for the single page applications of the future, and providing the value of in-process extensibility for delivery of experiences in less than an eye blink. (Lohr, 2012).

Join us in this session to see first-hand where we've been, where we are, and see the vision of where we are heading next together as a community by examining our latest development of AEM Assets Essentials.

Lohr, S. (2012, Feb 29). For Impatient Web Users, an Eye Blink Is Just Too Long to Wait. The New York Times.


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