Meet-The-Experts Session 2

Wednesday, 29. September 2021 13:55 - 14:40 (45 min)

adaptTo() 2021 is finished. Video and slides are currently only available for participants. We will publish them till end of 2021.


Get in touch with the best and brightest minds from the Apache and Adobe community.

We provide parallel virtual rooms for dedicated topics:

  • AEM Core Components
  • AEM Architecture
  • AEM Assets
  • AEM Commerce


Stefan Seifert Stefan Seifert, diva-e
Dominik Süß Dominik Süß, Adobe
Jörg Hoh Jörg Hoh, Adobe
Daniel Strmečki Daniel Strmečki,, part of IBM iX
Tom Blackford Tom Blackford, Adobe
Daniel Klco Daniel Klco, Adobe
Carlos Duque Carlos Duque, diconium
Markus Haack Markus Haack, Adobe

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