Dynamic Media Support in wcm.io Media Handler

Wednesday, 29. September 2021 10:00 - 10:40 (30 min + 10 min FAQ)

adaptTo() 2021 is finished. Video and slides are currently only available for participants. We will publish them till end of 2021.


Dynamic Media (a.k.a. Scene7) is around in AEM for some years for boosting the delivery of your digital assets.

Get a (technical) overview about the capabilities and integration concepts of Dynamic Media, and how it plays together with AEMaaCS and the Adobe Core Components today. While working with it in our projects, we discovered some gems and found some gotchas we will share with you.

Using Dynamic Media together with wcm.io Media Handler brings in a new level of flexibility. Get transparent switching between classic AEM-based renditions and Dynamic Media, facilitate smart cropping and use the media format concepts for serving responsive images.


Stefan Seifert Stefan Seifert, diva-e

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