Collect Data for the Adobe Experience Platform with the Adobe Mobile SDK

Monday, 27. September 2021 18:35 - 19:00 (20 min + 5 min FAQ)

adaptTo() 2021 is finished. Video and slides are currently only available for participants. We will publish them till end of 2021.


Adobes new flagship within their Experience Could is the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP). There are only a few implementations worldwide available and most of them only consider website data. Anyway, Adobe also provides the possibility to collect data in native Apps via the Adobe Mobile SDK for all kinds of Experience Cloud product.

We at diva-e took a closer look into the implementation of the Adobe Mobile SDK and especially for the brand-new Adobe Experience Platform extensions. We will show you the basics of implementation and especially the functionality of the Adobe Experience Platform extensions and the data testing with the new Project Griffon approach (still in beta).


Lukas Greiter Lukas Greiter, diva-e

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