All times are in Central European Summer Time (CEST - UTC+2). See a list of all speakers.

Day 1

Monday, 27. September 2021

Time Topic Speaker
- Opening Words / Status Apache Sling
- OSGi R8, Felix 7, Atomos and the future of OSGi@Eclipse David Bosschaert, Karl Pauls
- Resource Resolution and Mapping - Fun and Simple Robert Munteanu
- Networking Carousel
- Lunch Break
- AEM Cloud Service from a Developer Perspective Carsten Ziegeler
- AEMaaCS Cloud Manager Build Deciphered Konrad Windszus
- Break
- Evolving API for AEM as a Cloudservice – when push-release meets backward compatibility Dominik Süß
- Panel Discussion: AEM as a Cloud Service Alexander Saar, Ian Boston, Carsten Ziegeler, Konrad Windszus
- Break
- Playing headlessly with GraphQL capabilities in Adobe Experience Manager! Evgeny Tugarev
- WebAssembly - The shift to the edge Jakub Wądołowski
- Break
- The Apache Way May Save Us All Matt Ryan
- Collect Data for the Adobe Experience Platform with the Adobe Mobile SDK Lukas Greiter

Day 2

Tuesday, 28. September 2021

Time Topic Speaker
- Promoting Solid Code Architecture in AEM Daniel Strmečki
- What's new in AEM Mocks Stefan Seifert
- Break
- Future of AEM Core Components Jean-Christophe Kautzmann
- Quick Websites with AEM Site Templates Vlad Băilescu
- Lunch Break
- SPA Editing with Sling to the rescue Gabriel Walt, Hanish Bansal, Sharanya Vinod
- React / Angular Core Components and Archetype Updates Niek Raaijmakers
- Panel Discussion: Core Components Gabriel Walt, Vlad Băilescu, Jean-Christophe Kautzmann, Stefan Seifert
- Break
- Sling CMS: Building a Simple CMS on Apache Sling Daniel Klco
- Meet-The-Experts Session 1
- Break
- Designing a cluster-aware application Jörg Hoh
- Content Based Recommendation Engine in AEM Ankit Gubrani

Day 3

Wednesday, 29. September 2021

Time Topic Speaker
- Dynamic Media Support in Media Handler Stefan Seifert
- How to develop an Adobe Launch Extension Chris Haider
- Break
- Repoinit: a mini-language for content repository initialization Bertrand Delacretaz
- Apply Scoring within the Adobe Experience Platform Artur Rutkiewicz
- Lunch Break
- Manage HTTP Redirects in AEM with ease! Yegor Kozlov
- Meet-The-Experts Session 2
- Break
- Image optimization at the edge Jakub Wądołowski
- AEM Commerce extensibility using Adobe I/O Carlos Duque, Markus Haack
- Break
- Lightning Talks
- Closing Words Stefan Seifert