Robert Munteanu

Robert Munteanu

Working as a Senior Computer Scientist at in the AEM Cloud Foundation team at Adobe, Robert Munteanu is a software developer with a passion for Open Source. He contributes to multiple Open Source projects, such as Apache Sling, Apache Jackrabbit, MantisBT and the Eclipse Plugin for ReviewBoard. Robert is a frequent conference speaker, having spoken at Devoxx, ApacheCon and EclipseCon.

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    Speaking at a conference is the best way to share your ideas, stories, and experiences with others and get face to face feedback from experts. It can also help you build or enhance your reputation as an expert – not only to your peers, but also to your clients. Clients like doing business with those that are celebrated by their peers.
  • Expand your skills
    Conferences give you the chance to practice or improve one of the most important soft skills for every career: presentation and communication. So no matter if your are a stage pro or a newbie to the stage, adaptTo() is a great way to slowly build or further enhance your skill to present your ideas and works to a live audience.
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    Thanks to the support of our media partner JavaPro, all speakers can submit their presentations as articles and have them published in the JavaPro Magazine
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    As a speaker you also will of course get free entrance. And yes, there is a speaker shirt.
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