Sling URIs and the new URI Mapping SPI

Resource Mapping has been around in Sling from the first days. We all have worked with either simple JcrResourceResolverFactoryImpl configs and/or more complicated /etc/map-Setups. To make it more interesting we have fought our way through Apache rewrite rules, farm configurations and correct de-caching, http vs. https issues (luckily today it's almost always https only!) and tenant-unique vanity paths (when Sling only knows them per server instance). We have adjusted links using String operations and we have gotten it sometimes wrong (because there is always this one special link incarnation we didn't think of during implementation).

Now all that will not completely go away with the new Sling URI Mapping SPI, but yet our life will become easier by:

The talk will show some examples on how to extend the resource mapping and give a quick demo on it.