OakPAL in the Cloud - Workshop

OakPAL is a framework for analysis and validation of FileVault content packages. While the oakpal-maven-plugin has been integrated into the maven build of many AEM projects, including ACS AEM Commons, the advent of AEM as a Cloud Service marks a new era for AEM and introduces a real need for content package validation in a multitenant CRX repository.

This workshop will show how to add the oakpal-maven-plugin to an existing AEM Maven project, and how to enable the compatibility checklist provided by ACS AEM Commons. Attendees will get a hands-on opportunity to create a javascript check to find some common issues with template and component development during the build. I will then demonstrate how to run an OakPAL checklist in Docker, to support multistage CI/CD pipelines for FileVault content packages of all types and sizes, with a priority on performance and reproducibility.

The number of participants for the workshop is limited, a separate registration will be available during the conference.

There is an introductory talk on OakPAL which is open for everyone, participants of the workshop should attend to this talk as well.