Get ready for the Cloud! - AEM Cloud Service Migration Best Practices

Users of AEM don't need to worry about upgrades and hotfixes anymore. AEM Cloud Service handles that under the hood now.

However, to take advantage of that, you need to adapt your code and content to a slightly changed environment. Just copying existing projects usually leads to suboptimal results.

In this talk, we'll present a number of principles and best practices for such migrations, based on experiences we gathered starting with the pilot phase of AEM Cloud Services in the second half of 2019.

Adapting your code base to make it cloud-friendly and bulletproof against future upgrades is the key to help maximize the AEM Cloud Service benefits. One such adaptation could often be content repository restructuring and our concrete examples will help you understand why those things are needed and how best to implement them so that you focus on what's most important and save time and effort.

Although our talk focuses on migrating existing projects, the best practices that we'll expose will also be useful to those implementing new cloud-friendly AEM projects.