Escape the defaults - configuring Sling to behave like AEM as a Cloud Service

AEM as a Cloud Service is using the same battle-tested core of Sling, Felix and Jackrabbit Oak that you are used to. Many of the large-scale architectural changes, such as container-based deployments, separation of code and content, horizontal and vertical scaling, etc, are made possible by a host of reimplementations of APIs exposed by the open-source projects that serve as the foundation of AEM.

In this talk we will explore a number of such extensions and their implications, such as Oak's principal-based authorization, getting up and running with the composite node store, or indexing in a separation of content and apps scenario.

After this talk participants will have a better understanding of various under-the-hood changes present in AEM as a Cloud Service and their practical implications for AEM development. They will also be able to set up their own tweaked Sling instance so they can experiment with such a setup.