Digital Asset Management in an AI-First World - Workshop

Artificial intelligence is redefining fields, including digital asset management (DAM), by automating cumbersome tasks and improving productivity and time to market. AI is generating new, valuable insights for marketers and content managers, helping them optimize experiences at scale and deliver greater ROI.

Adobe’s content intelligence beta services are now available for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), with the creation of a robust extensibility framework which allows the application of AI precisely where it’s needed in the asset workflows. Done right, AI can be transformational — but the key is to get the packaging and features of AI spot-on so that it can best augment the effectiveness of your marketer and customers.

In this workshop, learn about:

The number of participants for the workshop is limited, a separate registration will be available during the conference.

There is an introductory talk on Digital Asset Management in an AI-First World which is open for everyone, participants of the workshop should attend to this talk as well.