Components as a Service Decoupled Frontend Development in AEM

In 2019/2020 we faced a challenge at two big international clients which uses multiple systems for one web platform. The core is based on AEM as the main CMS but there are other systems which handle E-Commerce and customer services. All parts of the website needs to have a consistent user experience and design. The company has multiple teams which develop their systems in parallel and produce a lot of redundant implementations. Additionally they have to sync their complicated release processes in all systems to make sure design, software and components are in sync in all parts of the platform.

Our solution enables the client to develop all frontend components in one team and place. This team provides a frontend service which is used in all system. In this solution the frontend development is decoupled from AEm and can be done without the need of deploying AEM at all. This allows very fast development and release processes and removed the rundant implementations in all systems. The integration is open source so that attendees of adaptTo() can benefit from it in their own setups.

In the presentation I will also: