AEM Developer's best friend - Gradle AEM Plugin

Gradle AEM Plugin – a swiss army knife for all AEM related automation. Equipped with expressive DSL. Instead of minutes, incremental builds take seconds and developers stay focused on their tasks.

During the presentation, we will focus on custom AEM scripting, instance monitoring and management. We will show a full AEM environment setup (with AEM Dispatcher), following Adobe recommendations related to the Maven archetype structure. Please feel welcomed to prepare your custom and artful ideas for AEM scripts, that we will live code for you during Q&A.

It's been already over three years since the 1.0.0 release of Gradle AEM Plugin (GAP), and around 3K of commits. It is also two years since GAP being presented on adaptTo() ("A better Developer Experience for Sling-based applications"). On the one hand, it matured being used in many AEM projects around the world, on the other - it got an incredible number of new features. GAP supports recent AEM versions and proved compatible with Adobe AEM project archetype and Cloud Manager. It’s time to realize its full potential.