AEM Component Generator

Adobe's best practices for coding AEM components have evolved significantly over the past few years, latest patterns being demonstrated by the Adobe WCM Core components.

Making sure your developers are up to date with and following these practices is a significant challenge on its own. Add in other challenges such as meticulous and monotonous XML configuration and front end JS/CSS developers not used to write Java sling models, and coding AEM components the "right" way is far more challenging and time-consuming than you'd think. Faced with these challenges, many teams simply don't bother, sticking to previous habits that are not only out of date but also inefficient in terms of time and money. And if you're fortunate to be on a team that has kept pace with best practices, it's likely still requiring far more effort to create components than it should.

The AEM Component Generator will enable you and your team to create entire components in minutes where it used to take hours, error-free and fully up to date with Adobe best practices for dialogs, sling models, client libraries, HTL, and front-end focused development.