Frictionless Migration to AEM Assets as a Cloud Service - Workshop

Tuesday, 29. September 2020 17:15 - 18:45 (90 min)


When migrating to AEM as a Cloud Service, there are some special considerations when it comes to migrating our traditional workflow-driven asset processing to configurations for the new Asset Compute Service.

To make our customers’ migration as easy as possible, we have developed and open-sourced a workflow migration tool to automate this process.

This hands-on session will allow you to interact with this tool and see how it transforms a traditional DAM Update Asset workflow into a custom processing profile for Asset Microservices, a modified workflow that contains only those steps that should run in AEM as a Cloud Service, and an OSGi configuration to execute this workflow.

The number of participants for the workshop is limited,   a separate registration will be available during the conference.

There is an introductory talk on frictionless Migration to AEM Assets as a Cloud Service which is open for everyone, participants of the workshop should attend to this talk as well.


Ian Reasor Ian Reasor, Adobe
Sammit Potade Sammit Potade, Adobe

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