A programmatic approach to Adobe Target: EON's Next Best Action campaign

Wednesday, 30. September 2020 10:00 - 10:30 (30 min)


Adobe's testing & personalization suite Target is usually advertised as a marketeer-friendly "You don't need a Dev"-WYSIWIG solution, neglecting it's strong code-centric capabilities, one of them being the so-called "Formbased Activity".

Based on our client EON's Next Best Action campaign, we want to showcase a purely code-based approach to Adobe Target, which also makes use of Adobe's People Core Customer Attributes feature, an alternative approach to AEMs Experience Fragments based on customer's needs, and diva-e's own ttXp Target extension.

Some highlights:

  • 1:1 personalization even in logged-out state (without violating GDPR)
  • Data-based (e.g. CRM) calculation of the most relevant offers & products for each individual customer (e.g. Up- and X-Selling, service offers, bonus actions)
  • Over 100 different offers in different formats (e.g. Hero, Modal) depending on website & layout position
  • Model-View-Controller Architecture
    • ttXp-based Target Controller Activity
    • Outside-Target real-time configuration (who, what, where, when) via JSON offer
    • Content created within AEM, dynamically consumed via XHR request to the fragment's JCR node
  • Automatically generated Web dashboard showing content & usage and providing test links
  • Automated enrichment of client's third-party analytics suite


Albert Wognar Albert Wognar, diva-e

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