All times are in Central European Summer Time (CEST - UTC+2). See a list of all speakers.

Day 1

Monday, 28. September 2020

- Opening Words / Status Apache Sling
- Keynote: A cloud-native AEM
Alexander Saar, Carsten Ziegeler
- Break
- GraphQL in Apache Sling - but isn't it the opposite of REST?
Bertrand Delacretaz
- GraphQL services in the AEM world
Mark J. Becker, Markus Haack
- Lunch Break
- Networking Carousel
- Sling URIs and the new URI Mapping SPI
Georg Henzler
- Sling & Loom
Timothée Maret
- Break
- Get ready for the Cloud! - AEM Cloud Service Migration Best Practices
Andreea Miruna Moise
- Mind the Gap - the little things about AEM Cloud Service that make a difference
Dominik Süß, Ruben Reusser
- Panel Discussion: AEM as a Cloud Service
Alexander Saar, Carsten Ziegeler, Ian Boston, Georg Henzler
- Break
- AEM CF Extras
Bryan Williams
- Introducing Kestros
Danny Moulton, Kevin O'Brien
- Break
- Escape the defaults - configuring Sling to behave like AEM as a Cloud Service
Robert Munteanu
- Opening sources
Nicolas Peltier, Chris Millar
- Use Cloud Manager to deploy CONGA-based AEM Applications
Stefan Seifert
- Creating Print Media at scale with AEM
Harold Putman

Day 2

Tuesday, 29. September 2020

- Core Components Status Update
Vlad Băilescu
- Use the Adobe Client Data Layer to track data on your website
Jean-Christophe Kautzmann, Laurentiu Magureanu, Benedikt Wedenik
- Break
- AMP-ify your online experience with AEM and Core Components
Burkhard Pauli
- Panel Discussion: Core Components
Gabriel Walt, Vlad Băilescu, Konrad Windszus, Stefan Seifert
- Lunch Break
- Future proof your applications with API Regions
David Bosschaert, Karl Pauls
- Don't use the repository structure as your primary abstraction!
Jörg Hoh
- Break
- FileVault Validation
Konrad Windszus
- Content Sync Automation
Roland Gruber
- AEM Component Generator
Brett Birschbach
- Break
- OakPAL in the Cloud - Introduction
Mark Adamcin
- Frictionless Migration to AEM Assets as a Cloud Service - Introduction
Ian Reasor, Sammit Potade
- Digital Asset Management in an AI-First World - Introduction
Santosh Mishra
- Break
- OakPAL in the Cloud - Workshop
Mark Adamcin
- Frictionless Migration to AEM Assets as a Cloud Service - Workshop
Ian Reasor, Sammit Potade
- Digital Asset Management in an AI-First World - Workshop
Santosh Mishra, Odyssée Tremoulis

Day 3

Wednesday, 30. September 2020

- A programmatic approach to Adobe Target: EON's Next Best Action campaign
Albert Wognar
- A Hacker's perspective on AEM applications security
Mikhail Egorov
- Break
- Paving the way to a native Sling
Radu Cotescu, Karl Pauls
- Behaviour vs Implementation Testing in AEM: How, When and What to Test?
Daniel Strmečki
- Lunch Break
- Meet the Experts - Group Rooms
- Break
- Scanning for Malware in Apache Sling and AEM
Oliver Lietz
- AEM Developer's best friend - Gradle AEM Plugin
Krystian Panek, Damian Mierzwiński
- AEM Virus Scan
Roland Gruber
- Break
- Components as a Service Decoupled Frontend Development in AEM
Tony Schumacher
- AEM.AI & AEM as a Content Science Platform
Odyssée Tremoulis
- TouchUI Dialog Designer
Jannik Egger, Andrei Shilov
- Analysing Components and Assets usage
Michal Goszczyński
- Break
- Lightning Talks
- Closing Words
Stefan Seifert