Daniel Strmečki

ecx.io, part of IBM iX
Daniel Strmečki

Daniel Strmečki is an AEM Technical Architect and Head of Platform Technology at ecx.io, part of IBM iX, in Varaždin, Croatia. In early 2019, he earned a PhD degree in Information and Communication Sciences on University of Zagreb.

Throughout his career, Daniel gained experience in both software development and technical design, as well as project and talent management. Most of his technical experience is related to design and development of Java Web Business Applications and Content Management Systems, with strong focus on modularity and reusability.

Daniel has an open, ambitious, stubborn and perfectionist personality. He likes sports, modern technology, technical challenges, motivated colleagues and well-defined processes.  He values high quality and passionately drives topics like software craftsmanship, technical architecture, knowledge management, coaching and mentoring.

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