adaptTo() 2020 - Virtual Online Conference

This year's adaptTo() conference was planned as a face-to-face conference in September 2020 in Berlin. Considering the worldwide "Corona" situation it seems currently not likely that it will be possible to make a face-to-face conference with 200-300 participants:

  • Even if the authorities in Germany will allow events in this size, safety measures and obligations will be in place which we might not be able to fulfill within the location
  • It's unsure if the participants esp. from outside Germany are allowed to travel to Berlin

Poll Results

In May 2020 we did a poll amongst potential participants of this years adaptTo() conference to get their opinion about making adaptTo() a virtual online conference instead.

We got feedback from nearly 100 people, here are the results!


What's next?

We are currently evaluating online platforms to host adaptTo() virtually in September 2020. Even as an online event we want to make adaptTo() a valuable experience for you:

  • Make it a real conference online with live talks (or partially pre-produced), live Q&A sessions, workshops, lightning talks
  • Provide a platform where you can exchange yourself during the conference with the other participants and speakers in an inspiring way

Once we have a grip on the costs we will start selling tickets for the online event (at a cheaper price).

Durring the call-for-paper phase we have received over 40 talk submissions from well-known Apache Sling and AEM experts all over the world, so we have a lot of new stuff to share with you! The agenda will be announced in June/July 2020.

I've already bought a ticket for the face-to-face conference!

No worry - we will get in touch with you and you will get a 100% refund.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us: