Call for Papers

The adaptTo() is a community event. Therefore we encourage everyone to participate. By covering various facets of the overall topic Adobe Experience Manager and the underlying OSS projects, we set starting points for the community to discuss and interact. Since we can only cover our own perspective we do need your help to get the best experience for everyone.

As a speaker you also will get free entrance and a speakershirt.

Session Details

Type of sessions:
  • Talks (front presentation) - timeframe is 30-45 minutes including the Q&As
  • Workshops, hands-on sessions
Please provide your expected timeframe with your submission.

Submission Details

  • Submission & questions via
  • Title and abstract/short summary
  • Style (e.g. front presentation, hands-on-session, workshop...)
  • Material beside the slides (e.g. demo projects, code samples that should be made available to attendees)

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Technical talks related to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), the underlying OSS frameworks Apache Sling, Apache Jackrabbit Oak, Apache Felix
  • Integration with other solutions from the Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC)
  • Integrations with other products or open source projects
  • Field reports and lessons learned from your real life projects
  • Workhops/Hands-on sessions covering specific parts of the Stack
  • Your own extensions to AEM or AEC (they should be available as Open Source as well)
  • Best bractices (adressing topics like security, performance or testing)

Manuscript Details

  • We will provide a standardized conference slidedeck (fontsizes, colors etc.)
  • To make your codesamples avaible for download prior to the event provide them together with the manuscript
  • The content of a live demo should be summarized briefly

Important Dates

  • Submission deadline: 01st April 2020 - extended to 29th April 2020
  • Notification: May 2020
    • Till this date we will decide which sessions can be part of this year's adaptTo() and get a feedback to you if we require some changes (e.g. when we identify overlap with other sessions)
  • Final manuscript due: 21th August 2020
    • Till this date we need the manuscript and corresponding material sent in for feedback and approval.