adaptTo() 2020: Corona FAQ

We are currently receiving enquiries about whether a potential threat from the occurrence of the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 will have an impact on this year's adaptTo() conference. We take this topic seriously, because the health of all participants is paramount.

The measures in Germany are being fine-tuned on a nearly daily basis. This has implications for the requirements and recommendations of the authorities, including for the organisation of conferences. Specifically, the time limits that apply to all of these measures cannot be foreseen at this point in time.

We will continuously update this FAQ page according to the current development.

If you have any questions left we would be happy to help you personally: [email protected]

Will the adaptTo() 2020 take place in Berlin this year?

We currently assume that it will not be possible to make adaptTo() 2020 as a face-to-face conference in Berlin. We are currently evaluating to make adaptTo() 2020 a virtual online conference.

Currently, we hope that the worldwide situation will have settled down until end of September and that the conference can take place as planned. We monitor the situation closely.

Participants: Will my ticket be reimbursed if the adaptTo() 2020 is canceled?

Yes! You will get a 100% refund if we have to cancel the event from our side. Early Bird tickets are available till End of May, make sure to get your ticket before we are sold out.

Sponsors: Will the sponsor fee be reimbursed if the adaptTo() 2020 onference is canceled?

Yes! Sponsors will get a 100% refund if we have to cancel the event from our side. Sponsor package slots are limited, do not miss to get in touch with us in time.

Are there plans to make a virtual online conference for this year if it cannot take place in Berlin?

We've not decided yet, but we're definitely checking out this option. If we are going into this direction we will refund ticket and sponsoring fees as well and offer new ones at a lower rate to reflect this change.

See adaptTo() 2020 as virtual online converence.