The Sling Feature Model 1.0 revealed

While revisiting deployment in Sling at adaptTo() two years ago, we introduced a new attempt of creating a provisioning model tentatively called Sling Features. Last year, while this effort was still underway, we presented it with a broadened scope heading towards a general purpose feature model for OSGi with the goals of defining a common, extensible mechanism to describe feature based OSGi applications.

In this talk we will present the result of our efforts by presenting version 1.0 of the Sling Feature Model. We will first briefly introduce the final model with a comparison on what has changed from last year’s talk and then discuss and demo how it can be applied in different usage scenarios with a focus on docker and immutable cloud deployments. Finally, we will report on the standardisation efforts underway inside the OSGi Alliance which target a unified feature model for OSGi.