Day 1

Monday, 2. September 2019

Time Topic Speaker
- Breakfast - sponsored by SinnerSchrader
- Opening Words Lars Ellmer, Robert Munteanu
- From 0 to HERO in under 10 seconds Radu Cotescu, Karl Pauls
- Break
- OSGi best practices Christian Schneider
- The newest OSGi specs: CDI integration and R8 Carsten Ziegeler, David Bosschaert
- Lunch - sponsored by
- Sling Content Distribution for the Cloud Timothée Maret
- Assets and Links in AEM Projects Stefan Seifert
- Break
- From monolith to modules - breaking apart a one size fits all product into modules Robert Munteanu, Dominik Süß
- CIF the modern way to integrate commerce engines with Adobe Experience Cloud Carlos Duque, Francisco Madeira
- Coffee Break
- Introducing AEM OpenCloud Cliffano Subagio
- Static site generation: simple scalability at runtime Chris Pilsworth

Day 2

Tuesday, 3. September 2019

Time Topic Speaker
- AEM Template Editor in practice Stefan Seifert
- Caching the uncacheable - leveraging HTTP cache for performant personalization Niek Raaijmakers, Luca Nerlich
- Break
- Securing AEM webapps by hacking them Mikhail Egorov
- A Non-SPA approach for AEM with React - 4 years of constant learnings Lars Ellmer
- Lunch - sponsored by Büro am Draht
- Using React to enable Web Developers to work with AEM Tony Schumacher
- New ways of Server Side Rendering with AEM, React and Node.js Alexander Schmidt
- Break
- Connect Apache Sling to Your Content Karl Pauls, Carsten Ziegeler
- Swagger AEM - An OpenAPI Specification for AEM Cliffano Subagio, Michael Bloch
- Coffee Break
- Playground Session: Hacking & Testing
- Evening Event

Day 3

Wednesday, 4. September 2019

Time Topic Speaker
- AEM Screens: Where Web Meets Reality Vitaly Tsaplin
- Break
- Sling and Serverless, Best Friends Forever? Bertrand Delacretaz
- The Sling Feature Model 1.0 revealed Karl Pauls, David Bosschaert
- Break
- Deep-dive into cloud-native AEM deployments based on Kubernetes Tomek Rękawek
- Cloud-Native Sling Robert Munteanu
- Lunch - sponsored by cyber:con
- Everything is a Component - Site Development with Composum Pages Ralf Wunsch
- Current State of Peregrine CMS Ruben Reusser, Gaston Gonzalez
- Break
- S̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ Felix Health Checks Georg Henzler
- Coffee Break
- Lightning Talks
- Closing Words