Speaker Device Test

Please test your device to ensure it's working properly with the beamer at the location.

These are the best time slots for testing your device.

Day 1 - Monday

Day 2 - Tuesday

Day 3 - Wednesday

HDMI Output Settings

The beamer can be connected using a HDMI cable - we have various adapters as well. If the beamer's screen resolution is not detected correct automatically, please set these settings manually:

Warning for Mac Users!

The HDMI-over-opcital-fibre-setup does not seem to work with most Macbooks. Windows-based systems running fine. We are using this workaround (do this steps before your talk, preferably not during someone's else talk):

  1. Go to https://appear.in/adaptto
  2. You may to have to allow mic/cam access to join the meeting
  3. Once you are in, make sure to disable Mic and Cam using the "Mic Off" and "Cam off" buttons on the bottom
  4. Then use the "Share Screen" feature to share your whole screen