Hands-On Lab: Bootstrapping website development with Sling Models and HTL using Core Components

Tuesday, 11. September 2018 16:15 - 17:45 (90 min)
Separate room - participants limited to 45


Creating a website with AEM is a lot easier when you do not need to start from a blank slate. The AEM Core WCM Components are starting bricks that will help you develop a website project with AEM very fast, removing a lot of the boilerplate code you would have otherwise. This hands-on lab will show you how to quickly create a website using Core Components, Maven and Java. We will start with a wireframe design and create a matching website using the latest technologies available in AEM: HTL, Sling Models, AEM Core WCM Components, editable templates, content policies.


  • Intermediate-level experience developing AEM Sites solutions
  • Java and Maven experience
  • Your own computer running:
  • Java 8
  • Maven 3.5+ with proper configuration for developing AEM projects
  • Your IDE/editor of choice
  • A (clean) running AEM 6.4 instance with no sample content

The lab will include:

  • a short presentation of the technologies we are going to use
  • a guided tutorial for setting up the environment and building the basic structure of the website using out-of-the-box Core Components
  • a guided tutorial for customising the components and applying the provided design
  • a Q&A session in the end


Richard Hand Richard Hand, pidoco GmbH
Radu Cotescu Radu Cotescu, Adobe

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