A better Developer Experience for Sling-based applications

Monday, 10. September 2018 16:30 - 17:15 (45 min)


Effective developers, who follow maker’s schedule require good focus. Any distraction, like a meeting can ruin their pace of work. Can you imagine having a short, two minute catchup every half an hour? If your project build takes so long, this is what you do when running a regular maven build. Similar obstacles can be found across the whole development lifecycle.

In this session we will show you a toolset and best practices that we’ve created over the years of working with Sling based applications. We will go through all the stages of development and show you how they can be optimised with a limited impact on your ways of working. You will learn how to design a good project structure that enables quick builds, how to easily setup a local environment with all the required dependencies or how to effectively test regression against the actual live content.


Mateusz Chromiński Mateusz Chromiński, Cognifide
Krystian Panek Krystian Panek, Cognifide

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