Day 1

Monday, 10. September 2018

Time Topic Speaker
- Breakfast
- Opening Words Lars Ellmer, Robert Munteanu
- Java9 and OSGi R7 with Apache Felix and Sling Carsten Ziegeler, Karl Pauls
- Migrating a Large AEM Project to TouchUI António Ribeiro, Gregor Zurowski
- AEM cluster deployment using Docker - who's interested? Florin Iordache
- Lunch - sponsored by
- Integrating a Modern Frontend Setup with AEM Natalia Venditto
- AEM and Single Page Applications (SPAs) Chris Millar
- Break
- What’s new in the Sling developer tooling? Robert Munteanu
- Maven Archetypes for AEM & Cloud Deployment Tobias Richter, Stefan Seifert
- Coffee Break
- A better Developer Experience for Sling-based applications Mateusz Chromiński, Krystian Panek
- Toughday - performance testing framework Catalin Luta, Andrei Stefan Tuicu

Day 2

Tuesday, 11. September 2018

Time Topic Speaker
- Modern authentication in Sling with OpenID Connect and Keycloak Ioan Eugen Stan, Dmitry Telegin
- Sling community citizen Nicolas Peltier
- Break
- Karate, the black belt of HTTP API testing? Bertrand Delacretaz
- Feature Model - Where Art Thou? David Bosschaert, Karl Pauls
- Break
- Apache Sling Scripting Reloaded Radu Cotescu, Karl Pauls
- JUnit 5 and Sling/AEM Mocks Stefan Seifert
- Lunch - sponsored by Büro am Draht
- Sling memory deep dive Valentin Olteanu
- Using OpenWhisk to scale and simplify AEM Asset processing Alexander Klimetschek
- Coffee Break
- Playground Session: Hacking & Testing
- Hands-On Lab: Build Event-driven integrations with AEM using Adobe I/O Events
Separate room - participants limited to 45
Carmen Sutter, Francois Le Droff
- Hands-On Lab: Bootstrapping website development with Sling Models and HTL using Core Components
Separate room - participants limited to 45
Vlad Băilescu, Burkhard Pauli, Richard Hand, Radu Cotescu
- Evening Event

Day 3

Wednesday, 12. September 2018

Time Topic Speaker
- Integrating web applications into an AEM marketing website Alexander Berndt
- Break
- Integrating AEM with the Blockchain David Bosschaert, Carsten Ziegeler
- The underappreciated power of content invalidation Jakub Wądołowski
- Break
- System Ready framework makes deployment automation a breeze Andrei Dulvac, Christian Schneider
- When product meets real world data - how to analyze and tune deployments & upgrades Tom Blackford, Dominik Süß
- Lunch - sponsored by netcentric
- AEM Easy Content Upgrade Roland Gruber, Roxana Muresan
- Upgrading an AEM cluster deployment using Docker Florin Iordache
- Break
- 7 Ways to Break AEM Georg Henzler
- Thread dumps demystified Miroslav Smiljanić
- Coffee Break
- Lightning Talks
- Closing Words