adaptTo() 2018

10 - 12th September 2018
Schinkelhalle Potsdam, Germany

adaptTo() is a meetup in the Berlin area focused on Apache Sling including Apache Jackrabbit and Apache Felix and is addressed to all using this stack or parts of it. Read more...

About adaptTo() 2018

Event date: 10 - 12th September 2018

During the last few years the event took place at the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin. For 2018 we made the decision to rent a bigger venue - the Schinkelhalle in Potsdam - to host more attendees. Potsdam is part of the Berlin/Brandenburg Metropolitan Region and directly borders Berlin. 

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Have a look at the agenda for this year.

This was adaptTo() 2017

Have a look at the website from adaptTo() 2017 to see our videos and gallery, or download slides from the schedule page.


For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: