adaptTo() 2018

10 - 12th September 2018
Schinkelhalle Potsdam, Germany

This is the archived adaptTo() Homepage of the year 2018.

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adaptTo() is a meetup in the Berlin area focused on Apache Sling including Apache Jackrabbit and Apache Felix and is addressed to all using this stack or parts of it. Read more...

Slide Downloads 2018

adaptTo() 2018 is finished. We had 27 Talks plus Lightning Talks and Playground session, and about 260 participants.

All slides can be downloaded in the schedule page, together with the video recordings and links to source code examples.

Video Recordings

All talks of this year's adaptTo() are published also on our channel on Youtube (and linked in the schedule page).

Impressions from adaptTo() 2018

Images from adaptTo() 2018 online!
adaptTo() Image Gallery


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