Smart IoT on OSGi with Apache OpenWhisk

IoT solutions are becoming more and more common in the market and new devices and gadgets are showing up on a daily basis. Additionally, the networks and protocols used by the devices can be highly specialized for use cases such as minimal energy consumption or for long range connectivity. If you want your IoT system to be future proof while being able to take advantage of new technologies without having to change your system every time, then the OSGi Device Abstraction Layer can help. It provides IoT APIs independent of the underlying technology.

In this talk Carsten and David will look at integrating IoT systems through OSGi with serverless backend systems such as Apache OpenWhisk to combine IoT with smart decisions or controls initiated by a cloud based functional architecture. It will include a demo with IoT sensors that communicate with Apache Felix on a Raspberry Pi connected to a serverless backend for additional processing and orchestration.