Taming AEM deployments

Tuesday, 26. September 2017 09:00 - 09:45 (45 min)


Continuous delivery model sounds great to almost everyone, but is not that easy to implement when real life comes into play. On the one hand, AEM architecture feels like a good fit for this strategy (everything is content after all, right?), but on the other hand we all know how challenging even individual deployment can get. Content management system itself is often just a fraction of your concern - you have to build it first, test it, stitch all the elements up and then figure out how to deliver your code in a repeatable and controlled way to production.

Throughout the last couple of years we’ve been trying really hard at Cognifide to make continuous release and delivery possible for AEM. It was a bumpy and twisty road, but we finally made it. During my talk I’d like to show you how we build AEM platforms these days using open source tools, including:

  • Terraform to define and manage infrastructure as code
  • Chef to describe deployments in an approachable way, which enforces consistency & repeatability across environments
  • Consul that helps us discover services around and mitigate failures
  • Jenkins & GoCD to orchestrate delivery model


Jakub Wądołowski Jakub Wądołowski, Cognifide

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