Automated rights&roles testing with AC Validator tool for AEM

Wednesday, 27. September 2017 15:30 - 15:45 (15 min)


The AC Validator is intended to support testers during the access control testing. Instead of manually checking all the permissions in the system a tester can create test definition files containing rules that can be checked automatically. The test definitions are maintained in yaml format, and offer loop support for repetitive, similar test cases.

Such test cases can be conducted by plain testing against expected actions. For more thorough testing, the tool can also simulate real actions against a repository such as creating or modifying a page at a certain path.

Tests can be manually triggered via GUI, JMX interface as well as to be integrated in the deployment cycle via package hook or as health check, respecting runmodes.


Jochen Koschorke, Netcentric AG

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