Test-driven development with AEM

When developing web applications with AEM automated tests can be an indispensable tool. You probably write integration tests and run them occasionally. If a test points you to a bug, you would like to have more of them, but they are slow, quite difficult to write, and maintenance is a pain.

In this talk, you'll learn how a unified testing API can be built on top of 'wcm.io' to test different layers of your application. How builders with smart default values let you write complex test setups within a few lines of code, without duplicating test data or mocks all over the place. We'll show how dynamic proxies bind the same API to test runners on different testing layers (unit, integration, ui) and let you split up an integrated test into unit tests easily. You'll see how best practices for initializing, stubbing and mocking objects can be made consistently available, thus you can write more isolated tests and listen to their feedback more frequently.

Source Code: