Playground Session: Hacking & Testing

Tuesday, 27. September 2016 15:30 - 18:00 (150 min)


Get in touch with the best and brightest mobile web minds from the Apache/Adobe community membership. This year featuring:

  1. Sling Core with Carsten Ziegeler & Stefan Seifert about Sling and OSGi in general
  2. Sling Scripting with Radu Cotescu & Oliver Lietz about Sightly, Thymeleaf
  3. DevOps with Bertrand Delacretaz & David Bosschaert & Georg Henzler about Sling/AEM Deployment and Automation
  4. Tooling with Robert Munteanu & Oliver Lietz about Sling IDE, Karaf, Tools
  5. Testing with Andrei Dulvac & Stefan Seifert about Integration Tests, Unit Tests, Sling Mocks
  6. JCR/Oak with Michael Dürig &  Chetan Mehrotra about JCR and Oak

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