Dynamic Components using Single-Page-Application Concepts

Dynamic components display content dependable on context, hence they cannot be cached.

Out of the box, Adobe Experience Manager doesn't give us many options for granular caching on a component level.

When faced with this problem, we usually resort to developing components that are leveraging Server-Side Includes or AJAX to get the HTML with dynamic data.

As an alternative solution, we have also developed dynamic components that use Single Page Application concepts, by using templates and JSON-responses, to provide the same dynamic behavior.

In this presentation we will cover all of the dynamic components types, compare the benefits and drawbacks of each, and state the use-cases where each can be effectively applied.

We will take a deeper look at the dynamic components done with SPA concepts, as they are rarity in the AEM world, and also provide a walk-through of the technologies used, how some common problems were solved, as well as the benefits that have been gained by their usage.