Automated self-testing and health check of live Sling instances

This talk presents the Sling Health Check tool ("hc"), which can be used to check live Sling instances for conformance to security, system health and other guidelines.

Due to the open and extensible nature of Sling, checking that a live instance is in good shape after component upgrades or configurationchanges can be challenging. By combining JMX and OSGi introspection with automated tests and extensible and scriptable rules, hc lets you build a complete picture of your Sling instance's conformance tosecurity, configuration and performance requirements in a simple way.We will show how to use, configure and extend the tool, including a description of our own use cases.

This talk is meant for Sling developers and system administrators, and will help you decide whether hc can be useful in your environment, based on concrete use cases and actual examples.